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Brioni Suits

Today there is a name - a gentleman's tailor - whose influence has changed the direction of men's fashions. The tailor is Brioni of Rome, the 'House of High Fashion' for men. Columbus discovered America... now America discovers Italy" To be sure, this era of discovery is apparent even today, as Brioni continues its fifty plus years' reign as the standard bearer in everything fine that gentlemen's tailoring should be. And, as we have entered the Twenty-first Century, Brioni is enjoying immense popularity around the world as, a new generation of quality-conscious men are discovering the luxury, quality and impeccable classic tailoring that comes as part of this label.

The classic Brioni 'style' of luxury, quality and impeccable classic tailoring.

How does one explain the longevity of a company which is turning out completely hand-tailored $3,000 suits, and other apparel, and is witnessing the largest growth in its history at a time when so many in fashion are struggling to survive? To be sure, elegance, quality and style are much overused terms in the fashion world today, with congregation of so-called 'designers' on both sides of Atlantic indiscriminately laying claim as purveyors of such.Yet, the savvy sartorial vision of Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini, Brioni's founders and designers, is clear today as it was during the company's beginnings. Their's was an unerring eye for detail and fit and they possessed an uncompromising attitude about quality, insisting that Brioni clothing showed always to be completely hand-tailored. The classic Brioni 'style' established in their Rome salon, which continues today (albeit in more modern form), is one that looks 'off-the-rack' but always as if were custom-made.

Five decades of classic tailored clothing for those few who do appreciate the art of a well-cut suit.

From the impeccable lines where the shoulder meets the sleevhead, to the tell-tale stitching that runs along the outside of the lapels, a Brioni suit bears the earmarks and quality construction of custom tailoring, virtues that practically no clothing designers or manufactures can claim to, whether they are Italian, French, British or American. This is true elegance, true quality. An important result of the handwork that went into the early Brioni tailored clothing was unsurpassed comfort. In the last decade, menswear designers have strived in every possible way to impart comfort and ease into their suits. Most simply exaggerated the cut and shape, working on the premise that looser was more comfortable, and that fewer sizes would fit more people.

Brioni fine tailored clothing is made by hand with regard to true style.

Brioni, on the other hand, has been achieving comfort and ease in tailored clothing for more than five decades by remaining faithful to the canons of classic tailoring and never compromising on shape. Because all Brioni clothing is made by hand, they are able to make up the softest, lightest fabrics in the world; luxurious cloths that could never be used for machine-made clothing. Fine tailoring, such as Brioni's, may be considered an art. It is not an appreciated art, but for those few who do appreciate the art of a well-cut suit, it is so. Brioni produces something that is beautiful to look at. It is also reflective of personality. When you are wearing one of Brioni's suits, it affects your entire nervous system, in the sense that it wears you and you wear it. Like great art, it enhances you, making you feel more alive and more stimulated. Fashion, even with regard to tailored clothing, is fleeting. True style is eternal. Understanding, intuitively, the difference between the two was key to the genius that distinguished Fonticoli and Savina and the legacy which they left behind known as Brioni -a legacy, it is clear that American men will continue to discover well into the millennium... and perhaps beyond.

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