Direct Clothiers - About Us

While working at Bullock & Jones (one of the most prestigious men's stores in San Francisco, CA), Bob Campbell and Steve Castellucci often discussed the possibility of having a company that would bring brand name menswear directly to consumers, offer very competitive pricing by avoiding the overhead markup of traditional brick-and-mortar stores and provide experienced, focused service. Steve's previous experience with his own clothing store and Bob's work as a menswear buyer for 36 stores provided extensive knowledge that they used to evaluate what was good and what was not so good in department store based menswear-- Big store overhead raised retail costs to the customer; Too much push on limited inventory and not enough name brand selections in the customer's size and taste; Never enough time to fully focus and nurture a cherished customer relationship.

As the millennium turned, Bullock & Jones closed their doors in San Francisco. This provided the opportunity for Bob and Steve to execute their plan and in March of 2000, Direct Clothiers was born! Using their skills as experienced personal menswear consultants, they used a "Direct" approach to serving their customers by bringing fine clothing lines directly to the client's home and office. The customers loved the "Direct" experience and business was booming. The next logical step for Bob and Steve was to bring that unique formula to the rest of the world, so in 2002 they launched with the same mission statement in mind:

Direct Clothiers is a "people first" oriented men's apparel company, that provides
a growing family of well-made and cost smart luxury menswear brands
to our growing family of loyal customers
who wish to express and enhance their lives and lifestyles.

Whether online, at the Novato showroom or "Direct to You", Direct Clothiers makes every effort to ensure that customers are offered the very best menswear brands, the most competitive pricing and the very best in customer service. It is in the success of these three initiatives that we find our ever growing family of loyal, long term customer relationships.

"We are always here for your phone call or email. It's what we do and it's what we enjoy."

-Bob & Steve"