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Options for Building Your Shirt:

  • Placket or French Front Body
  • Stitching On the Edge or 3/16ths
  • Six Cuff Styles with Option of White Cuffs
  • Twelve Collar Styles with Option of White Collar
  • Four Pocket Styles with the Option of No Pocket
  • Neck Sizes from 14 to 21 ¾ by the ¼” Size
  • Sleeve Lengths from 31 to 40 ½” by the ½” Length
  • Gentlemen’s Fit with Option of Taper Fit as well
  • Single Orders or Box of Four (20% Off)
  • Allow Four Weeks for Delivery

Quality Features: 

  • Sewn with Full Single Needle Construction Resulting in Strong Fluid Seams that do not Separate
  • All Hems and Seams are Sewn with Eighteen to Twenty Stitches Per Inch – The True Mark of a Quality Shirt
  • Soft Egyptian Cotton Interlinings are Sewn into the Collar and Cuffs Resulting in a Smooth and Even Appearance
  • Built in Stay Pockets Prevent the Stays from Showing Through the Fabric
  • Double Collar Beading Secures Collar Leaf to Band and Gives The Collar Body & Support
  • Full Yoke Construction Eliminates Seam and the Possibility of Separation
  • Fully Hand Constructed Sleeve Facing Insures a Secure Placket Without Bulk
  • Sleeve to Cuff Pleating Gives Balance to Sleeve and Prevents Cuffs From Turning Inward
  • Pearl Coated Mylar Buttons are Crossed stitched for Extra Strength
  • Hand Finishing and Pressing During Final Inspection


Some Shirt Terminology
Band – The under part of the collar where the button and buttonhole are located.  The band determines the size of the collar
Broadcloth – Tightly woven lustrous cotton cloth with fine imbedded cross wide ribs that resemble poplin.
Chambray – Cotton fabric in relatively square count – 80 by 76, that combines colored warp and white filling yarns in a plain weave
Chevron – Term applies to herringbone weaves or prints in zigzag stripes
Count of Cloth – The number of ends and picks per inch in a woven fabric
Darts – Two one-inch gathers of fabric, which removes fullness from the small of the back
Felling Seam – The side seams
French Front – Plain shirtfront without placket
Interfacing – Cotton lining in collar & cuffs
Leaf – The part of the collar attached to the band, which consists of the back height and collar style
Long Staple – Cotton fiber at least 1 1/8” in length is considered the finest cotton
Mercerizing – a finishing process used extensively on cotton yarn and cloth to increase the strength and absorption of dyes as well as fabric luster
Panel – The right and left shirtfronts
Pique – Medium to heavy weight fabric with raised cords that run in the warp.  Made on a Dobby or Jacquard loom
Placket – Any piece of fabric sewn over another piece of fabric such as at the sleeve opening or the top center
Ply – Two or more yarns that have been twisted together
Sea Island Cotton – One of the finest of all cottons
Single Needle Tailoring – a double stitch sewn twice over the same seam to ensure the strongest, tightest and least noticeable seam
Spread – The angle created by the collar points
Thread Count – The number of warps by the number of picks
Yoke – The shoulder piece. The part of the shirt to which all other parts of the shirt are attached